We teach postures (asana), flowing sequences (vinyasa), slow-moving or held postures (sthana), breathing (pranayama), and meditative practices. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a receptive practice in which your body is passive throughout the experience, weightlessly supported by props as your muscles extend and relax into subtle postures (usually 3-5 poses per class). We explore the energetic union of breath and long-held passive asanas. This class is open to yogis of all backgrounds, levels, sizes, and ages. No yoga experience is necessary; just come with the willingness to be still and present with yourself. Hands-on assisting will facilitate a deeper experience.

Yoga for Trees Classes

All levels welcome.  Each time you attend a Yoga for Trees class, we'll sponsor trees being planted in a National Forest.  We've already planted 6,171 trees! Inhale deeply to improve your lungs and know you're inhaling cleaner air.

Gentle Yoga

This class moves slower and is gentler than our traditional yoga class.